This page details the list of NetBeans plugins that I have developed, am currently working on, or planning to work on. Once each plugin is in a reasonable release state, I’ll post an overview, basic architecture description, and link to the project repository containing the source, documentation, and binary release.

Cobertura Code Coverage Plugin for NetBeans IDE

Overview : Cobertura is a code coverage tool useful for identifying line and branch coverage effectiveness when running Java tests, typically JUnit tests. It works by instrumenting compiled Java class files (adding a few small pieces of info for each line in the class file). When the classes run, whether manually or via some sort of test, information about the class execution is saved in a special file. This file can then be used to generate Javadoc-style reports that aid in identifying your test suite’s effectiveness. This NetBeans IDE plugin provides an integration between the Cobertura library and a Java project running in the IDE.

Originally developed : February 2009.

NetBeans version : 6.5

Cobertura tool version : 1.9.1

Cobertura project site :

Cobertura code coverage plugin site :

Current status : Proof of concept completed (12 Feb). Successfully created basic plugin with Options panel, persistence of options for configuring Cobertura basic settings, instrumentation of class files, Java SE project integration for correct classpath, HTML/XML/XMLSummary report generation, and automatic display of HTML in web browser (17 Feb). Currently working on modifying the plugin so that you can select to activate code coverage for a specific project and later deactivate (un-integrate) code coverage (20 Feb). This is intended to work similar to the existing Code Coverage plugin activate/deactivate feature.

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