New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Plan Labeller Task

After reading a recent Atlassian blog post here : there was a comment about how nice it would be to have a task to automatically label a plan. I thought it was an overall good idea as it’s nice for teams to flag Plans with certain labels. I’m not certain all the uses cases [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Create and Extract Zip Files As a Task

The last 2 weeks I’ve been on a roll writing plugins for Atlassian Bamboo continuous integration. One feature I’ve noticed missing was a Task to work with zip files. Obviously if your build uses Ant or Maven or another builder you can easily script a ZIP task. However, it is not always feasible to do [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Link to Tag Cloud

I have written a new Bamboo Plugin that provides a tiny bit of convenience. It’s certainly a trivial plugin, but I have had multiple people who use Bamboo comment about liking the tag cloud feature. If you are on a build result page you can click a Label and jump to seeing projects with that [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Favourite Plan Becomes a Link

I have written a new Bamboo plugin that integrates Bamboo and In Bamboo you can flag specific Bamboo Plans as your “favourite”, thereby tagging it with a gold star and thus enabling it to appear on the “My Bamboo” dashboard. In the new plugin, when you select to mark a Bamboo Plan as your [...]