Interesting Blog – The Second Coming of NetBeans

A link to a great post just came through the NetBeans Dream Team email list… a blog post by a NetBeans user, Travis Walters, regarding his experiences between NetBeans and Eclipse over the last year. Kudos Travis. Read about the second coming of NetBeans. …Or you can copy and paste this URL in the link [...]

NetBeans 7 Release Changed to 6.7?

It seems based on some of the latest activity on the NetBeans Wiki, that the NetBeans team is lowering the version number for the next major release of the NetBeans IDE…

‘Profile Me Now’ Feature in NetBeans 7 Milestone 2

Based on the New and Noteworthy page for NetBeans 7 Milestone 2, it looks like a new feature called ‘Profile Me Now’ will be added. This seems to be an attempt to improve the self diagnostic capabilities of the IDE itself…

Web Service Support in Maven Projects – NetBeans 7 Milestone 2

Based on the latest updates to the Milestone 2 New & Noteworthy page for NetBeans 7, it looks like people who use Maven will have the same web services style support as follows…

Suggested Improvements in the NetBeans Struts File Templates

I’ve recently created a new Java web project in NetBeans 6.5 and added the Struts framework to it. While creating lots of Struts Actions and ActionForm classes, I made a number of changes to the file templates to customize how the new Struts classes are generated. This article discusses several minor corrections I feel should [...]

Sun Releases Java 6 Update 12 (JDK

Sun has release the Java 6 Update 12 JDk. The following are some of the updates and bugs fixed: 64-Bit Browser Support for Java Plugin and Java Webstart This release supports the New Java Plugin and Java Webstart on AMD64 architecture, on Windows platforms. A Java offline installer (JRE and JDK) is provided. Note, if [...]