NetBeans IDE 6.9 Milestone 1 Available

The NetBeans team has released NetBeans IDE 6.9 Milestone 1 Available. Highlights include: NetBeans Platform OSGi interoperability – New Maven project archetypes available – Easy import of OSGi bundles for use in Ant projects Java EE – Support for Contexts and Dependency Injection – Simplified REST Web Services consumption in NetBeans RCP and Java client [...]

NetBeans 6.8 Patches Released

The NetBeans team has just made available a wide set of patches for NetBeans IDE 6.8. The patches address numerous issues in the C/C++, JavaFX, and JSF modules. Fixes are also included for Java web apps, IDE platform, and RCP support. View the entire list of patch fixes at the NetBeans Wiki :

NetBeans 6.8 Milestone 1 Released

NetBeans 6.8 Milestone 1 has been released. You can read the new and noteworthy report here : It includes features like a new embedded browser, Java EE6 basic support, and a variety of other improvements. Download NetBeans 6.8 Milestone 1 here :

NetBeans Buzz Via Search Terms

Recently I was looking through the admin tools for my website and blog, One area I occasionally glance at, but usually ignore, is the search terms section. When users enter the site from a Google or Yahoo or Dogpile or **insert your engine here** search, the search terms typically get logged. I was curious [...]

Continuous Integration in the Cloud (with Hudson)

Sitting in a technical session here at JavaOne, titled ‘Continuous Integration in the Cloud’ with Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Jesse Glick. The session focused on a using Hudson overview, using HUdson in a distributed master/salve manner, and some of the newer use cases (such as with clouds and Kenai). One of the cool items discussed was [...]

Embedded Browser Plans for NetBeans 6.8

In NetBeans 6.8, it looks like there are tentative plans to implement an embedded web browser or web preview directly inside NetBeans. The concept is to minimize the amount of time the user spends switching between the IDE and external web browser. Hopefully, it will work more like a WYSIWYG preview feature (think Dreamweaver style) [...]

Java EE 6 Support in NetBeans.

I always browse the “recent changes” section of the NetBeans wiki. This lets me see what’s been going on in the last few days or weeks if I haven’t stayed up to date. Recently I saw this page, Java EE6 Integration, appear in the Wiki as recently modified. Looks like the next version of NetBeans [...]

NetBeans 6.7 – New Debugger Features

I recently started testing some of the latest daily builds, especially since NetBeans 6.7 Milestone 2 release is so close (should be next week). One of the new features available is the ability to configure some debugger settings in the Options window. Users can now configure formatting for variables that appear in the Local Variables [...]

Interesting Blog – The Second Coming of NetBeans

A link to a great post just came through the NetBeans Dream Team email list… a blog post by a NetBeans user, Travis Walters, regarding his experiences between NetBeans and Eclipse over the last year. Kudos Travis. Read about the second coming of NetBeans. …Or you can copy and paste this URL in the link [...]

NetBeans 7 Release Changed to 6.7?

It seems based on some of the latest activity on the NetBeans Wiki, that the NetBeans team is lowering the version number for the next major release of the NetBeans IDE…