New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Build Log Exporter

One of my latest plugins I created a week ago and just got approved on the Atlassian Marketplace is the Build Log Exporter. For some software teams is is occasionally useful and sometimes necessary to capture a snapshot of all build logs across all Jobs and Stages in a Plan. I have added the ability [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Plan Comments

In my latest attempt at writing a Bamboo plugin I decided to investigate adding some value-add features related to Comments. Users can add comments onto a build result, but there isn’t really any way to review all the comments across all the builds. As such I decided to write the Plan Comments plugin which adds [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Plan Labeller Task

After reading a recent Atlassian blog post here : there was a comment about how nice it would be to have a task to automatically label a plan. I thought it was an overall good idea as it’s nice for teams to flag Plans with certain labels. I’m not certain all the uses cases [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Create and Extract Zip Files As a Task

The last 2 weeks I’ve been on a roll writing plugins for Atlassian Bamboo continuous integration. One feature I’ve noticed missing was a Task to work with zip files. Obviously if your build uses Ant or Maven or another builder you can easily script a ZIP task. However, it is not always feasible to do [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Link to Tag Cloud

I have written a new Bamboo Plugin that provides a tiny bit of convenience. It’s certainly a trivial plugin, but I have had multiple people who use Bamboo comment about liking the tag cloud feature. If you are on a build result page you can click a Label and jump to seeing projects with that [...]

New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Favourite Plan Becomes a Link

I have written a new Bamboo plugin that integrates Bamboo and In Bamboo you can flag specific Bamboo Plans as your “favourite”, thereby tagging it with a gold star and thus enabling it to appear on the “My Bamboo” dashboard. In the new plugin, when you select to mark a Bamboo Plan as your [...]

Installing Atlassian SDK with NetBeans

To create custom plugins and functionality for Atlassian products, you can download and use the Atlassian plugin SDK following instructions here : The key part is to add the atlassian SDK BIN directory to your path. After the plugin project is initially created the Maven project comes up as “unloadable” in the NetBeans Projects [...]

Documenting My Experiences Working with Atlassian Products

I will shortly be starting a series of articles and observations about the Atlassian suites of products such as : Bamboo JIRA Greenhopper Bonfire Crowd Confluence Gliffy Fisheye Crucible Clover I have begun to use many of these products and their related plugins both during my day job and through many projects at night. As [...]