Sun Releases Java 1.5.0 Update 14 (JDK

Sun has released an update to Java 1.5. Included in this story are the list of changes
between versions and

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6457444 doclet stddoclet javadoc does not create html file correctly in 5.0u6
6519085 hotspot compiler2 JVM crashes executing test suite of JavaDB (derby)
6321689 hotspot compiler2 Ideal_DU_postCCP not conservative enough
6565138 hotspot compiler2 1.5.0_10 64-Bit SIGBUS with ParallelGC in MarkSweep::MarkAndPushClosure::do_oop
6545719 hotspot garbage_collector Regression : Infinite GC occurs after fix in CR 6370163
6558100 hotspot garbage_collector CMS crash following parallel work queue overflow
6515362 hotspot runtime_system fix for 6374419 suppresses real error message from the linker
6528763 hotspot runtime_system VM crashes because of something related to LoaderConstraintEntry in 6.0
6546278 hotspot runtime_system Synchronization problem in the pseudo memory barrier code
6553303 idl orb Corba application fails w/ org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: vmcid: SUN minor code: 203 completed: No
6543815 java classes_2d Imageable area of PageFormat is ignored if values of imageable X/Y are negative.
6480378 java classes_awt Backport 5065001, 6259348 and others to 5.0 update release
6577717 java classes_awt Textboxes don”t work in applets under windows and linux
6562716 java classes_awt focus request queue is not updated when rejecting focus on EmbeddedFrame (win32)
6542420 java classes_awt A cross-platform ModalityListener interface should be provided in 1.5.0
6593729 java classes_io After failed file close, do not repeat the close operation.
6525425 java classes_lang (ref) heavy lock contention during object serialization on Solaris10/T2000
6206527 java classes_net “cannot assign address” when binding ServerSocket on Suse 9
6601686 java classes_net InetAddress.isReachable(timeout) may not return after timout milliseconds
6599750 java classes_net InetAddress.isReachable implementation not completely thread safe
6518816 java classes_net Reduce the memory foot print for HttpURLConnection
6520665 java classes_net NTLM Authentication not requested, throws null exception
6587875 java classes_net InetAddress.isReachable() will not work for super users with “large” process ids
6314370 java classes_net Nightly: Jaws hang on “Starting application…” window
6469580 java classes_security 1.5.0_08 JVM crashes in SignatureHandlerLibrary::add on Fujitsu Primepower platform
6418433 java classes_security org.ietf.jgss.Oid constructor accepts invalid values (and rejects valid values)
6570062 java classes_security Kerberos authentication regression
6543940 java classes_security Exception thrown when signing a jarfile in java 1.5
6520101 java classes_swing FileChooser will cause OutOfMemory when application will run long time
4743558 java classes_text [BI] test/java/text/BreakIterator/ fails in th locale.
6483402 java classes_util_i18n (date) calling java.util.Date.toString() slows down subsequent calls to the class
6531591 java classes_util_i18n Currency update for Sudan
6538601 java classes_util_i18n Periodical timezone display name revision
6554586 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2007f
6611886 java classes_util_i18n (tz) support tzdata2007h
6571205 java classes_util_i18n Currency data changes for ISO 4217 Amendment 139
6570259 java classes_util_i18n Currency data changes for ISO 4217 Amendment 138
6531593 java classes_util_i18n Currency update for Iceland
5088563 java classes_util_regex Matcher.find throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if pattern is missing ”]”
6464451 java compiler javac in 5.0ux can not compile try-catch block which has a lot of “return”
6557713 java imageio Java unable to convert from gif to png format
6579208 java install FamilyVersionSupport removed when installing jre-6u2-windows-i586-p.exe
6476329 java localization PIT: additional sentence needs to be translated for 6267625
6531255 java localization Need to update timezone display names for en_CA locale
6534678 java localization l10n of 6525138
6547501 java localization There should be a space before % sign in French locale
6454676 java serviceability Need -XX:+HeapDumpOnCtrlBreak to trigger heap dump on ctrl-break or ctrl-
6494472 java serviceability jmap -permstat fails with Out of swap because uses too much memory
6494722 java serviceability SA: jstack throws get_thread_regs failed for lwp debugger exception.
6431847 java tools Memory overflow in java launcher for Linux
6502051 java_deployment update jusched crash: buffer overrun
6503510 java_plugin iexplorer Crash occurs during verification of 5.0u10b02
6555628 java_plugin iexplorer Repeatedly open and close an applet freezes IE
6572147 java_plugin iexplorer Browser hang as an applet open and close repeatedly in 0.5-sec interval
6578895 java_plugin iexplorer NPE null pData general exeception occured as applet reloading repeatedly
6579743 java_plugin iexplorer Regression : Java Console pops up unexpectedly in 5.0u13-b01
6576321 java_plugin iexplorer Browser hang by a deadlock with open and close applet repeatedly
6522028 java_plugin iexplorer The print dialog moves the current IE frame to background
6530198 java_plugin misc 1.5.0_10 focus is not correctly returned to a JFrame
6586045 java_plugin misc browser crashes on an XP japanese machine with 6u5 deploy nightly build
6502568 java_plugin other request header has garbage characters when size of cookie is greater than 4k
6556044 java_plugin other JRE SSL Handshake error in jdk1.5.0
6373274 javawebstart download_engine Jar resources nested in JRE resources block are broken.
6465756 javawebstart jnlp_file cannot use CDATA xml tag within the jnlp <argument> tag
6265713 javawebstart jnlp_file Having a query string to a jnlp file negates the SingleInstanceService
6484661 javawebstart other cannot launch application offline if https is used
6354969 jaxp other Bug in XPathFactory.newInstance() method
6219364 jaxp sax com.SAXParserImpl.setProperty(“feature”,null) throws NullPointerException
6594813 jaxp sax XML Parsing differences
6236727 jaxp xslt XSLTC never stops resolving imported stylesheets when outer stylesheet is a DOMSource
6536120 jaxp xslt HTML serializer puts no space between public and system doctype
6490921 jaxp xslt The transformer API sometimes ignores the property org.xml.sax.driver
6467921 jce pkcs11_csp Backport SunPKCS11 to a Tiger update on 64 bit AMD Linux platform
6560218 jgss krb5plugin Problem with credentials from non-default realm
5053708 jndi dns DNS provider does not cleanup resources properly
6585239 jndi dns Regression: 2 DNS tests fail with JDK 5.0u13 b01 and pass with 5.0u12fcs
6358629 jsse runtime SSLSocket.close() and deadlock
6447412 jsse runtime Issue with socket.close() for ssl sockets when poweroff on other system

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