New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Favourite Plan Becomes a Link

I have written a new Bamboo plugin that integrates Bamboo and

In Bamboo you can flag specific Bamboo Plans as your “favourite”, thereby tagging it with a gold star and thus enabling it to appear on the “My Bamboo” dashboard. In the new plugin, when you select to mark a Bamboo Plan as your favourite it uses the REST API to automatically add the URL of the Bamboo Plan as a private link into your account. When you deselect the Plan as a favourite plan it removes the private link from your account.

Users can go to the standard Bamboo User Profile and enter their own individual credentials (username, password). The username and password is persisted in the Bamboo database as encrypted values, not plaintext.

Once you have saved your account credentials you can then go to the main dashboard and select the Favourite star next to any plan.

In approx 1-3 seconds you should be able to refresh your Delicious list of  lists on the site and see the new entry, as shown below.

The FAQ on the Delicious API usage states that too many repeated calls to their API may result in throttling or failure rates. If you click too many Favourite star in a row there’s a chance the Delicious link creation will fail, so be warned.

In future enhancements of this plugin I will most likely add a checkbox property on the Delicious Credentials form allowing the user to toggle on and off the ability to make Delicious links public or private. Additionally I am considering auto-tagging the Delicious links representing the Plans by scanning the Plan Build Result Labels for all the build results in the Plan history, gathering all the labels that were created, and using them to generate the tags for the link in Delicious.

I have a little more testing to perform and some code cleanup, but you should expect to see the plugin available in the Atlassian Marketplace soon once I get around to submitting it and if it is approved.


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