New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Plan Labeller Task

After reading a recent Atlassian blog post here : there was a comment about how nice it would be to have a task to automatically label a plan. I thought it was an overall good idea as it’s nice for teams to flag Plans with certain labels. I’m not certain all the uses cases for this or ways teams would like to accomplish it, so I have taken a stab at it with my interpretation.

In my Bamboo Plan Labeller plugin you can add a Task to a Job. In the task you can specify a comma-separated list of labels to add to your plan as part of the build. Additionally you can specify the name of a CSV file and the task will also parse the comma-separated labels in the file and add them as plan labels as well.

Once the build executes you may need to click the Plan name in the breadcrumbs links to refresh the page, but the new labels should show up just fine.

The plugin has been submitted to the Atlassian Marketplace and should eventually be available here once approved (the URL will not work until it is approved) :

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