New Atlassian Bamboo Plugin – Create and Extract Zip Files As a Task

The last 2 weeks I’ve been on a roll writing plugins for Atlassian Bamboo continuous integration. One feature I’ve noticed missing was a Task to work with zip files. Obviously if your build uses Ant or Maven or another builder you can easily script a ZIP task. However, it is not always feasible to do so and some projects do not use builders like Ant or Maven.Thus, I created a set of Tasks you can use in a Bamboo build job to create a zip file from a specified pattern and a second Task to extract the content of a specified zip file to a specific location under the build’s working directory.

With the first task “File – Create Zip” you can specify the path and name of the zip file (relative to the current working directory of the build) as well as a ‘File Pattern to Include’ which allows you to use an Ant-style regex pattern.If the “File Pattern to Include” includes files in sub-directories then the sub-directory structure is preserved inside the zip file.

The second Task is the “File – Extract Zip”. You can specify the name and path of a zip file relative to the build’s working directory as well as the “Location to Extract To” relative to the build’s working directory.

The plugin has been submitted to the Atlassian Marketplace and hopefully will be accepted and available for use.

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