NetBeans IDE 6.9 Milestone 1 Available

The NetBeans team has released NetBeans IDE 6.9 Milestone 1 Available.

Highlights include:

NetBeans Platform OSGi interoperability
- New Maven project archetypes available
- Easy import of OSGi bundles for use in Ant projects

Java EE
- Support for Contexts and Dependency Injection
- Simplified REST Web Services consumption in NetBeans RCP and Java client applications

Java Web Applications
- Initial support for Spring 3 framework
- Automatic import for Java classes and tag libraries in JSP code completion

- Zend framework support
- Enhanced code formatting options

- Gems indexing

- Support for Makefiles: Editor, navigator, run targets
- Virtual functions: Multiple hyperlinks, annotations

Java Editor
- Support for annotation processors
- Over 60 new hints added

Web Languages
- CSS refactoring and enhanced code completion

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