NetBeans Buzz Via Search Terms

Recently I was looking through the admin tools for my website and blog, One area I occasionally glance at, but usually ignore, is the search terms section. When users enter the site from a Google or Yahoo or Dogpile or **insert your engine here** search, the search terms typically get logged.

I was curious what the buzz around NetBeans this year since I’m currently at JavaOne so I thought I’d lookup and mention some of the most searched for (or interesting) terms that people have searched for and hit my site with between January 01, 2009 and today, June 4, 2009.

Search Term # Hits
j2ee.platform.classpath 363
the java ee server classpath is not correct 286
100 netbeans ide tips and tricks 206
netbeans create javadoc 166
netbeans code coverage 145
netbeans shared libraries 99
javadoc analyzer 47
netbeans junit plugin 38
netbeans source code formatter 33

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