Web Service Support in Maven Projects – NetBeans 7 Milestone 2

Based on the latest updates to the Milestone 2 New & Noteworthy page for NetBeans 7, it looks like people who use Maven will have the same web services style support as follows…

Full support for Web services, based on JAX-WS 2.1 framework, implemented for Maven projects:

  • support for web service creation in Maven Web and EJB application
    • WS from Java wizard
    • WS from WSDL wizard
    • automatic detection of web services in project(detection of java classes annotated with @WebService annotation)
  • support for web service consumption in Maven J2SE, Web and EJB applications
    • WS Client wizard
    • Maven JAX-WS plugin integration to enable JAX-WS stub classes generation
    • client code generator
  • support for SOAP handlers creation and configuration
  • jax-ws-catalog.xml integration, to enable working with local wsdl/xml resources instead of remote
  • Test Web Service action implemented
  • Refresh action implemented for WS client to enable re-generation of JAX-WS stub classes, in case the wsdl file is changed
  • support for both JSR109 deployment (GlassFish) and non JSR109 deployment(Tomcat)

You can stay up to date here : http://wiki.netbeans.org/NewAndNoteworthyMilestone2NB70#section-NewAndNoteworthyMilestone2NB70-WebServicesInMaven

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