NetBeans 7.0 Milestone 1 – SQL Editor Save As Feature

While testing the NetBeans 7 Milestone 1 release, I tried out the SQL Save As feature added to the SQL Editor…

As shown in Figure 1, I have a SQL Command window open. I have executed the SQL to view the results and have modified the SQL to have an ORDER BY statement.

Figure 1

The only place I could find to save the SQL Command window content was on the File menu from the main menu. There was nothing on the SQL Command window’s toolbar, or on any right-click context menu. I know the NetBeans team tries to keep toolbars and menus as clean and separated as possible. However, while using several SQL Command windows in the normal flow of work, it can sometimes be nice to have a Save As option either on a context menu when you right-click inside the SQL Command window pane, as shown in Figure 2, or on the SQL Command name tab.

Figure 2

So far, the feature works as expected. I tried writing longer SQL statements and saving them. The spacing and formatting is correctly maintained when I open the saved file in another text editor. I was also able to re-open previously saved SQL commands using the File >> Open File or File >> Open Recent File menu options.

Now, if NetBeans can get a Save As feature for the SQL Command History, we’ll be all set.

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