Sun Releases Java 6 Update 11 (JDK

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6732194 hotspot compiler2 Data corruption dependent on -server/-client/-Xbatch
4486841 java char_encodings UTF-8 decoder should adhere to corrigendum to Unicode 3.0.1
6359722 java classes_2d Uncatchable recursive NullPointerException at
6757527 java classes_2d D3D: serious rendering issues on Nvidia boards with driver version 178.13 on Vista
6743433 java classes_awt IM candidate window is not shown until window is deactivated and reactivated again
6754779 java classes_security Add Camerfirma root certificates to the JDK
6768559 java classes_security Add t-systems root CA certificate (Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2) to the JRE
6684401 java classes_swing JTree isExpanded should not call itself recursively
6684952 java classes_swing Exception occurred on JFileChooser in Applet
6764308 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2008i
6487638 java classes_util_logging Calling LogManager.addLogger() and Logger.getLogger() cause deadlock
6751643 java debugger ThreadReference.ownedMonitors() can return null
6757796 java install Silent installs of the JRE don’t accept license agreement and shouldn’t download JavaFX Ext Jars
6729677 java_plugin compatibility popcap- applet games fail to load
6738770 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION:JSException throws when use LiveConnect javascript facility to navigate HTML elements
6760921 java_plugin plugin2 Browser hang while reloading LiveConnect conformance tests on Unix platforms
6761053 java_plugin plugin2 Desktop shortcuts for dragged applets from HTTPS servers do not relaunch and can not be customized
6768136 java_plugin plugin2 Malformed 404s cause breakage of Java/JavaScript bridge and browser hangs

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