Participating with NetCat65 and testing SQL History in NetBeans 6.5

I was recently added to the list of folks participating with the NetCat 65 program, NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance Testing described here :

So far, my experience has been quite positive. I’ve seen a number of folks testing all aspects on NetBeans such as usability, bugs, new features, and more. My current focus has been on the database tools added as part of NetBeans 6.5 (currently in Beta). The SQL History tool is pretty interesting, in that it stores the complete list of SQL you have executed.

SQL History Window

You can use the Matching SQL field to instantly filter on the results displayed in the grid. You can also filter using the COnnection dropdown field along the top. If you have results from numerous database connections (which most people do), you can select a specific connection and view the SQL that was executed for it.

Overal, the SQL History is a very cool addition to NetBeans. My suggestions and comments I have shared with the NetCat team to date include several potential enhancements included below :

#1 – In the SQL History window, display the total number of records displayed in the data grid near the bottom of the grid to the right of the apply button. This would be useful once you have several dozen SQL statements listed in the history. Filed an enhancement here :

#2 – In the SQL History window, make the column headers ‘SQL Executed’ and ‘Date Executed’ sortable. When clicked, the results in the data grid should sort ascending/descending based on the column header clicked. This is especially useful for the ‘Date Executed’ column once you have a few dozen SQL statements displayed. Filed an enhancement here :

#3 – So far I’ve tested the “Matching SQL” filter with 40-50 results in the window and tried quickly changing the filter value back and forth. Performance on 40-50 records is quite good and near instant to display results. Only suggestion here is to make the Matching SQL filter cachable so that previous search values appear in a dropdown. Filed an enhancement here :

#4 – Export SQL Statements listed in the SQL History window. It would be nice to have a button in the SQL History window that triggers the SQL statements displayed to be copied to the clipboard or output to a plain text file where each sql statement would be on its own line. I noticed that the SQL statements ARE stored in a flat file in the netbeans user directory <user.dir>/config/Databases/SQLHISTORY/sql_history.xml. It thus should not be hard to have a button that when clicked grabs the currently saved SQL statements, parses the lines, and dumps them to the clipboard or a flat file. Added enhancement request here :

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